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Von Calisson,

This one, you won't believe it until you see it. :largegrin:
Open the tin can of worms

Some time ago, Hombre de Mundo from Flea Market recorded a podcast with Mad Git Radio. During the conversation, we joked about 3D printing tuna cans. If only there was a miniature company bold enough to make your memes come true.

If only...

Tuna Can Chariots are now available for purchase!

Become the memester you were always meant to be with Flea Market's Tuna Can Chariots!
- Demolish WYSIWYG standards
- Make your opponent question their life decisions
- 100% Keto
This pack includes two options for the Tuna Can body and two options for lids. You have the option to play the cans flat on the base or to put wheels on the bottom. The options are endless!

Fully compatible with Flea Market's Wheel Pack

T9A is not responsible for this, companies are independent.
But T9A accepts a good laugh when there is one to make. :thumbsup:
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