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Von VisconteDimezzato,

Dear T9Aers,

The Essence of War team is trying to lower the entry bar into the Ninth Age universe. We have created a simple but deep ruleset, and we have developed an infrastructure that will make it easy to translate the book into many different languages. But this is not enough. If starting an army means that new players have to invest ungodly amounts of gold and time, it will still be difficult for new people to join our joyous ranks.

:BH: :cultists: :EoS: :hobgoblin: :VS:

For this reason, in collaboration with three talented artists, we have put together in the Forum/Downloads page a collection of miniatures that you can use to build an army at home, for practically no cost! Just download the file, print the relevant pages on sturdy cardstock, then start cutting, folding and gluing according to the instructions. In no time you'll find yourself owning a new and pretty army, complete with miniatures, movement trays and spell & wound tokens. We had already shared with you the imperial patrol - now it's time to give it a few opponents!

A huge thank you to our artists, notably @antohammer, @Danila and @RHworldbuilding, for donating their designs to this noble cause. If you want to support them, make sure to visit their pages on patreon (Antohammer, RHWorldbuilding) or instagram profile (Danila). You will find more factions, more patrols, as well as more designs for each individual unit. If you like this initiative, please show your appreciation in this thread. The design of these paper patrols takes a lot of energy, and it's important for our artists to feel supported - especially if you'd like to see patrols for each of the 20 factions in the Ninth Age universe!

And for those of you who have a bad relationship with scissors and glue, no worries. You can still introduce new players to our game at practically zero cost. If you or your friends have an account for Tabletop Simulator, you will soon be able to download a free mod with all you need to play your first game:

For now, this mod is only available to patreon supporters of Veil of the Ages (you can join them here), but it will soon become available for everybody else as well. Tabletop Simulator has a vibrant community with thousands of players, and thousands of games. In order to play a T9A game, only one player is required to have a Tabletop Simulator license - the other can be invited for no extra cost. Speaking of which: a lifetime license for TTS is very cheap (on certain weeks it can cost you less than 10€).

So if you want to help us spread T9A to the world, you can download, print, cut, glue, and gift one of our paper starter sets. Or you can invite someone to play a demo game on TTS. You have all the tools you need, so...

it's your turn now!
- the Essence of War team
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