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Von Just_Flo,

This years European tabletop Championship takes place in Serbia in Novi Sad. (More info on ETC it self can be found here: WHAT IS THE ETC? - ETC-Tabletop)

Even in this times 14 Teams fight fort he crown. You want to follow our heroes? Either take look at TourneyKeeper - Team Leaderboard or at some of bellow places where you should be able to follow the current ETC more closely:

A french Mercenary:

Youtube and Blogs:

- El Rey: (english)…-etc-2021-media-coverage/

- Math-CD:



- Superorko:



- Just_Flo and others: (german)…022-etc-2022-live-ticker/

El Ray and others: (english) ETC media coverage - ETC - The 9th Age (

Facebook (pages from participating countries and the ETC itself):

- France: Le 9e Âge | Facebook

- Russia: Warhammer Fantasy Battles The 9th Age | VK

- 9th Age in Denmark | Facebook

ETC 2021 Serbia | Facebook

European Team Championship (ETC) | Facebook



May the dice be with your favoured team.

P. S.: If you find other info scources please add them in the comments or here.
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