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Von VisconteDimezzato,

Dear T9ers,

while fighting the pandemic, socialization is important to keep people's mental health standing, and our hobby helped in this.

Finally, live events are back and we're happy to notice some media coverage for ETC21 and Black Country Brawl III.

For a live streaming of BCB III (credits to @JordanBladen): Twitch livestreaming

For the ETC (credits to @Sir_Joker and @Kathal):

- Prelude: About the ETC…rmalink/3626725530764268/
Picture of the filled hall and a text piece about the ETC in general, T9A connection / history regarding the ETC and general explanations

- Recap Day 1…rmalink/3626742430762578/
Text piece; Standings after Day 1 including the direct TourneyKeeper link

- Day 2 outlook…rmalink/3626781314092023/
Text piece; Pairings Round 3 including TourneyKeeper link and additional general iFormation

- Recap Day 1 in pictures…rmalink/3626755737427914/
Picture series (78 images) of games being played on day 1.

- Interview with the ETC organiser…rmalink/3627112754058879/
Video (approx 9min); Talking about him as a person, advice on how to organise tournaments etc

- Impressions from Day 2 (3rd Round) in pictures…rmalink/3627248944045260/
Picture series (73 pictures); every table covered, additional pictures added

- Interview with Giladis…rmalink/3627484467355041/
Video (approx 10min); Talking about his ETC experience and the project (focusing on the importance of the Art and Background for the project)

- ETC recap day 2 round 3…rmalink/3627550884015066/
Text piece; results from round 3

- Day 2 Round 4 outlook…rmalink/3627683764001778/
Text piece; Pairings for round 4 and leaderboard after round 3

- Interview with Slivek (T9A staff and Head Judge)…rmalink/3627799880656833/
Video (approx 20min)

- Impressions from the 4th round in pictures…rmalink/3627997463970408/
Picture series (approx 75 pictures)

- Interview with Paul (GER non-playing Coach)…rmalink/3628727530564068/
Video (approx 10min)

- Day 3 outlook…rmalink/3629630810473740/
Text piece, standings and pairings

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