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Von It is Flo,

Dear T9A friends and fellows,

a new Era begins! The Online T9A League Fading Flames goes into its second season.
You can look forward to a new rulepack and reworked structure. Check out this link for more information. Deadline: September 13th

Why: You want to play T9A on a high skill level and meet the best players in the world.

What: The first international T9A League System, with the right league for your skill level. You can move up by winning games and fall down by losing. In the end there will be a play-off system, where the winners compete for the seasonal Trophy of the Fading Flames.

Who: You and other great players from all around the globe, which share this beautiful hobby with you.

When: Season 2 starts on October 4th. 5 games per season, one every 2 weeks.

Where: UB, Warhall, Tabletop Simulator, real life or whatever other solution you have.

1. Join the Fading Flames Discord Channel by following this link.
2. Send a message in #new-season-new-players (discord channel)
3. Invite your friends and enjoy competitive T9A

Shit… What if I missed the deadline? No worries! This is just the very beginning. You can join the Discord Community at any time and schedule games. We are working on a qualification system while the season is running so that you do not get bored while waiting for the next one. :)

Thanks for being awesome!

Greetings from your Orga Team ❤️

If you want to know more about season 1 and how it ended or better currently ends, take a look at this episode of T9A in Bavaria.
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