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Von Calisson,

I tawt I taw a Klepa gob!
I did! I did taw a Klepa gob!
Klepa made for real
Not content in being just a mascot for The Ninth Age, Klepa and Fleabag join the action on the tabletop! This model was brought to life by multiple people, not just from Flea Market but also from members of this forum and we wish to thank all those who helped!

Download the 3D model from our storefront at MyMiniFactory (MMF)! And remember that our free models are free forever! If you like Flea Market, our models or just our irresistible charm and humility, consider helping us out by liking our store objects, posting comments and giving us a follow on MMF and social medias like Facebook or Instagram! Metrics like these help us a lot!

Check out our storefront on MyMiniFactory!

Join us in sculpting Klepa and Fleabag!

And for the followers of Daemons, here is some new inspiration.
Daemonic awakening by OP models
OP-Models present... Our first Kickstarter Project: Daemonic Awakening - STL Pre-supported files. Available in Kickstarter:…s-pre-supported-stl-filesVisit our Website and check out our social media:

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