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Von VisconteDimezzato,

Dear community,

Time for an update of the errata .

This update comprises fixes for the Rulebook, for a few spells and a couple of Special Items from the Arcane Compendium, as well as for a few army-specific issues (for DL, EoS, OK, and UD) that have come up since the previous update of the errata.
As usual, you will find explanations why we added these new errata at the end of the document in the corresponding designer notes.

Like in the last errata update, there are two versions of the document available:
If you are using the Rulebook from 2018, make sure to get the errata version named "version 15 2018" from the forum download tab, which contains all the errata since 2018.
And if you use the version of the Rulebook that was released in April 2021 (in which the errata up to and including version 13 have been implemented), please download the version named "version 15 2021".
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