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Von tiny,

Thanks to @Hugardrim the 9th Age now has its own exclusive armybuilder tool "Battle Planner" ready for testing ;)

The program is very flexible and uses ClickOnce deployment, so we should be able to make modifications on a swift basis and always provide you with the latest version available. For the time being only a few armies are supported, and only a PC version exists, but an IOS version is in the making.

BTW This application is completely free to use

The currently supported races are:
Undying Dynasties
Vampire Covenant
Dread Elves
Highborn Elves (wip)
Orcs & Goblins
Saurian Ancients (wip)
Warriors of the Dark Gods
Dwarven Holds
Empire of Sonnstahl

The tool can be downloaded here:
BattlePlanner Install Link

Feedback can be given here:
Battle Planner Feedback
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