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Von VisconteDimezzato,

Hi there, T9Aers!

End of the year is approaching, and as you probably know... that's the time of the balance patch!

As usual, to support it, we need your input!

Please fill out these surveys:

BH - survey
DE - survey
DH - survey
DL - survey
EOS - survey
No KOE survey because new book WIP
HE - survey
ID - temporarily delayed waiting for new update, we'll notify when the survey will be opened.
OK - survey
ONG - survey
SA - survey
SE - survey
UD - survey
VC - survey
VS - survey
WDG - survey



The survey is asking to select the units you think are either "the most efficient priced or least efficient priced". You can select as many of either as you want, but need to select at least one from either side.

For clarity, since this is INTERNAL BALANCE it is all about the relative value of entries to others in your book. It is not about how the army or our units compare to any other army books.

As some extreme examples - even if you think your army is the strongest armybook in the world, and nothing should go down in price, you should still be able to provide feedback on the best units in the book compared to the worst. Similarly, if you think everything should go down in price because the book is underpowered, you should still be able to let us know what the units in the book that you think are just a cut above the unplayable entries, and what is flat out unusable.

For a bit more of a detailed explanation of internal vs external balance, some diagrams:

Extranal Balance 1.jpg

Extranal Balance 2.jpg

Internal Balance 1.jpg

Internal Balance 2.jpg

Internal and External Balance.jpg

Internal and External Balance 2.jpg

Internal and External Balance 3.jpg

Internal Balance survey.jpg
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