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Von VisconteDimezzato,

Ah, finally a good click bait news title!

No, we're not talking about special characters, that was a bait.


Well, we've been talking about this, at an higher management level, for months actually, and collected inputs from staff and community members.

We also noticed lately the extreme enthusiasm about this among both staff and community.

So, definitely,
it's a big YES:
Special Characters are a thing in T9A!

It will be a long road, nonetheless, for, as usual, we want to give you an extremely high quality product.

Special Characters will have their own supplement, but to do that we want to set up things properly.

For now, we want to ask you a specific question:

Would you prefer historical characters, those now dead but that shaped the faction present in the past


present day characters, leading their factions in the present and thus shaping the future and their own sagas?

Please fill in this survey, you have one week (so we'll stop the survey on Sunday, the 24th of October). And please share the survey with your own private groups!


We strongly believe Special Characters are an important part of the lore and the game, and we want to give T9A an incredible set of protagonists, each of them literally an embodiment of their own faction characteristics, values, aesthetics.

We - as management and as staff members - are excited about this new part of the project, and working (and discussing) hard about how to better deliver such a milestone to the community.

So be patient, take your time to write your suggestions, we'll update you as things will go forward.

Long live T9A!
  • Vulgarsty -

    Yep but as with all supplements they’ve got to be voluntary