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Von VisconteDimezzato,

Dear T9Aers,

Christmas is gone, KoE alpha is released, but the holidays continue.

As you probably know, the yearly balance patch will be released soon, and we're going to provide some spoilers through our Community Engagement Team.

But before that, let's talk about the so-called "Tier List".

RT has a message about this and we're happy to forward their comment (tier list at the end of the comment):

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So today we release the tier list for 2021. However along side it we thought it pertinent to give a little insight into how it was created and how it is used.

How was it created?

The final tier list itself if a combination of data from a variety of sources. Be it community survey, singles and teams tournament results, RT thoughts and wisdom.

This is all amalgamated into one score for each army. And we use this score to rank a final tier list.

So what does the tier list mean?

Well actually, it means very little. Without knowledge of the nuances behind the final placings.

For example, if asked to rank the best footballer between a choice of Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi and Ronald McDonald…

  1. Cristiano
  2. Messi
  3. Ronald McDonald

Does this mean Messi is mid tier? Does this mean Messi is equally worse than Ronaldo as he is better than Ronald?


The tier list has to be viewed for what it is, a simple visualisation of a complex process.

This year for example, looking at that core score behind the tier list we can see that the army that placed 5th was much closer to the army that placed 1st than it was to the army that placed 6th. In fact there was very little that separated the whole top 5.

So how is it used?

In actuality the tier list itself is used very sparingly. It is mainly merely a reference point for RT to cross check the changes being made are suitable for the region each army is placed in.

What’s more important is that score each army has behind the list. That score is used as one factor (alongside other factors such as internal balance of an army) to determine the threshold of where change should happen for each unit in each army.

So what does this mean for my army?

It should be viewed as described. As a rough guide to what to expect in the upcoming points changes.

The armies nearer the top will more than likely have a lower threshold for price increase than the armies nearer the bottom. And vice versa for price decreases.

But bear in mind these are only thresholds, and they apply at either end of the scale. The armies at the bottom will still receive some price increase, the armies at the top still some decrease. Both will have units which fall outside of the threshold at both ends of the scale.

So as a rough guide, if your army ranked near the top expect those frequently used powerful units to increase in price. And if your army ranked near the bottom, expect those infrequently used choices to decrease in price (but don’t necessarily expect those frequently used powerful choice to decrease in price too).

Therefore, without much further ado here is your tier list for 2021. I am sure it will create almost as much debate as me ranking Ronaldo above Messi…

Display Spoiler
1 - DL
2 - DE
3 - WDG
4 - HBE
5 - ID
6 - OK
7 - OnG
8 - EoS
9 - VS
10 - UD
11 - DH
12 - VC
13 - SE
14 - SA
15 - BH

*KoE Unranked due to upcoming LAB

And now, we're glad to share the first preview of the balance patch.

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