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Von tiny,

Thanks to the constant work by @DeBelial we can announce that ArmyBuilder v2.2 is now avalible
containing following army books:

DeBelial wrote:

Status of armies:
Beast Herds - v0.9.1
Daemon Legions - v0.9.0
Dread Elves - TAC v0.8
Dwarven Holds - TAC v0.8
Empire of Sonnstahl - TAC v0.8
Highborn Elves - v0.9.1
Infernal Dwarves - TAC v0.8
Kingdom of Equitaine - v0.9.1
Ogre Khans - v0.9.1
Orcs and Goblins - v0.9.1
Saurian Ancients - v0.9.2
Sylvan Elves - v0.9.1
The Vermin Swarm - v0.9.1
Undying Dynasties - TAC v0.8
Vampire Covenant - v0.9.2
Warriors of the Dark Gods - v0.9.3

Army Builder 2.2 files v0.9.x - Part4

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Armybuilder 2.2 Feedback
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