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Von ForsetisMuse,

"Listen here, guys, girls and goblins! Usually I am looking to make a sale, but today is all about asking for your assistives! Ever wanted to see what's in the secret stash? Then how 'bout signing up to be a staff member! I promise to be a good boss!" - Klepa, T9A Mascot

"Yes, Klepa is right. We're actually looking for some helping hands in the Layout Team.

What we need: We're lacking in people who are fully versed in the use of Scribus, but also newcomers who are interested in getting known to Scribus are welcome.The Infernal Dwarves Legendary Army Book (LAB) has been our first LAB that has been fully layouted using Scribus and there are more to come soon! As you might have noticed already, Dread Elves, Vermin Swarms, the Kingdom of Equitaine, Saurian Ancients and Ork & Goblins are about to follow closely! :GobboYes:

What we offer: Nothing but deep gratitude - you know, we're a full volunteer project, so sadly we can't pay you for this important job ... but of course you'll earn fame and glory - you'll be mentioned in the LABs you've worked on ...


... not even mentioning that you'll be able to see the upcoming rules, art and background material a bit earlier than most others will do - but 'Shhh! No one should know about this! Top secret stuff!' " - Lich King a.k.a. Tom, T9A Head of Full Layout

If the above sounds appealing to you, we look forward to receiving your application here!

If you want to help out with something else we have several other teams currently looking for extra hands, which are found here!

Best Regards
HR Team
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