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Von Henrypmiller,

Noble Lord´s and Ladies of Equitaine,

Today we have the honour of address to present to you the Kingdom of Equitaine Balance Patch. Below you can find the designers notes linked to each of the rule changes which will explain the thought and direction behind each change. Along with these rules tweaks was also a points rebalancing. You can find attached the new and updated book.

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This February KoE patch was intended as a balance one. Our aim was to do point fixes on everything and design changes only where points cannot fix it or design changes which are simplifications. All rule changes are within concept. We want to wait with big changes till next patch, April/May.

All the price changes were heavily influenced by data we got from tournaments, we had about 30 tournament lists. Our goal was mainly internal balance. Because we see all players maximizing Character allowance our general pricing principle were:
- price up most taken Character options
- price down least taken Unit options

New Army Model Rule / Universal Rule: Daring
Units with more than half of their models with Daring cannot voluntarily declare Flee as a Charge Reaction and must reroll failed Panic Tests.

The only common feedback we got from stakeholders was that we need to cut down on the number of Fearless units. We did that and created a new rule named Daring to replace Fearless on some units. While KoE should have units that enable it to play wide, using Fearless was a bit lazy from our side and had a negative consequence of making Fear less important in the game.
Penitent Knights, Hooded Men and Hedge Knights got Daring instead of Fearless.

Orison (X)
Additional instances of Orison (X) on the same model do not stack unless they are written as Orison (+X).
Remove "+" (plus) from Sainted Orison. He is not Orison (+1) anymore, just Orison (1).

Orisons not stacking anymore was done because we see a lot of lists that start with (too) many Orisons.

Bastard Sword
Change design to:
Hand Weapon. Attacks made with a Bastard Sword gain +1 Strength and, in the First Round of Combat, +1 Armour Penetration.

This is mainly meant as simplification. The previous rule with »weapon can instead be used« was problematic. Also it comes with a nerf to Infantry Bastard Sword users and a boost to Cavalry Bastard sword users, all good.

Heraldic Steed and Pegasus Charger: add "Wizard Adept and Wizard Master only"

Damsels being used as Chaff is not well in line with the background. And if we want to keep Fly Mounts cheap this was the only course of action.

Folk Hero
Add to Quin Heroic Trait: "If on foot, the model gains Scout."
Troubadour Heroic Trait: replace "March to the Beat" with "Musician".
Longbow option aim increased from (4+) to (3+).

More logic given. So Quin can join Hooded Men. And Longbow Hero has the same Aim as Archers when shooting at Long range.

Divine Judgement
Change design to:
Enchantment: Lance or Light Lance.
After the wielder completes a Charge, attacks made with this weapon gain +2 Strength and +2 Armour Penetration until the wielder is no longer Engaged in Combat.

Previous Devastating Chage (D3), especially when paired with Honour, was seen as heaving peak eliteness that is above everything in the game. Character was more of a zoner than a combatant. This new design hopefully will see more combat while still keeping the concept of Charge dependent Character.
We also lowered price of Honour Knightly Principle due to the redesign of this item. Previous price was led by how strong this combo was.

Prayer Etched
Redesign into: The bearer gains +1 Armour and Aegis (+1, max. 4+).
Enchantment: Heavy Suit of Armour.
Remove Dominant from this item and from Black Knight's Tabard.

This item, as it previously was, was problematic for some of us. Because reroll armor is so strong we needed to limit its Aegis and if we didn't limit its Aegis it was too strong. Especially peak eliteness when combined with Black Knight's Tabard, so with new Prayer Etched both this items lost Dominant. Hopefully this is now fixed to some extent and this item is more attractive and in line with the new KoE flavor.

Fey Steed Character Mount option
*For each Fey Knight in the army, the maximum number is reduced by 1.

We buffed Fey Knight and gave it Breath Weapon so Fay Steeds are streamlined within the army. This limit's goal is to lower the potential maximum number of Breath Weapon attacks the army can field. Also we asked ourselves if we want to see 4 Large Cavalry cowboys in KoE lists? We don't, it is not fitting the flavor.

Knights of the Court
Removed unit entry.
Add upgrade for Feudal Knights:
Knights of the Court (0-1 Units/Army)
Knights of the Court: Universal Rule.
The model gains Bodyguard (Sainted or General with Courage). Units with this upgrade count towards Special instead of Core.

We all saw this one coming. Simplification.

Lowborn Levies
Add option for Paired Weapons to Must choose options.
Add Shield to Halberd option. So: "Halberd and Shield"

Some model validation concerns being fixed with this. Also made Halberds slightly more attractive so they can cost as much as Spear and Shield. From our tournament data half of Lowborn Levies were using Shield, the other half were mostly Spear and Shield.

Sacred Reliquary
Reduce Aegis to 6+
Sacred Relic: Remove Fearless; changed from Minimised Break Tests to Minimised Discipline Tests. "The unit’s Discipline Tests are subject to Minimised Roll."

Slight nerf to base. Removed Fearless but still in concept of allowing Infantry units to operate more safely outside the Discipline bubble.

Hedge Knights
Replace Fearless with Daring. Remove Paired Weapons, increase Attack Value to 2 and change Devastating Charge to: Devastating Charge (Battle Focus, Frenzy, Hatred)

Hopefully this and price decrease makes them more attractive. We see them not being attractive when Flying Cavalry can do everything these guys can, but better. So we don't want to price them down more and more, rather think about alternative concepts.
Removal of Paired Weapons due to popular demand (model validation).

Hooded Men
Remove Fearless and add Daring and Ordeal
add Paired Weapons by default
Enlisted Outlaws:
The model gains Ordeal and loses Fearless loses Daring and Unstable.

Hopefully a bit of simplification.

The Lady's Courtier
Aegis 4+ by default, not only against Melee Attacks.

We needed to buff this entry. We are also thinking how to redesign it while still being inside concept (400-450 point fantasy entry, leader of Fey).

Fey Knight
This entry was heavily simplified. Because entry is simpler we returned the third option we had through all of the closed playtest so we know it is not broken and attractive. BTW, the new Ambush rule is basically a copy of Makhar Turul, it is also less strong than before so we added Breath Attack to the mount to streamline with Character mount.

We also have the pleasure to bring you the community engagement teams reviews of the changes- which will hopefully shed more light on the updates implications!


@Wes and the Cavaliers Tale (ENGLISH)

@Superorko (SPANISH)

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