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Von It is Flo,

The last months saw through @duxbuse and @Sander the developement of a tool allowing for much deeper analysis and much, much faster list entering than ever before. Now we need people assisting us in using and testing that new tool.

The Task:
Scouting T9A board, French Discord, US Discord, Tourneykeeper and 2 Finnish sites (WAR HEAD ( and, a Polish site (, an italian site ( and a Swedish site ( for both tourney results and armylists. Then putting the final rankings for each army, number of participants and number of played rounds into a file and the lists (per tourney) into another one.

Preparing the collected lists for the upload in the tool developed by @duxbuse and @Sander.

Uploading the files into the tool.

In addition we are looking for the following skills:
- data science skills
- data visualisation
- big data


Of course you can focus on one or more of the tasks or pages form above and you get training and instruction on how to do it.

Please apply to @Serwyn @'ust_Flo' and @Sander

Thx, Just_Flo
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