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Von VisconteDimezzato,

We're very excited to release the Background Compendium today!

This is the official guide to the background of the game, covering all the key elements of world in which your battles take place, including history, geography, an overview of all sixteen factions, and much more besides.

The book collects and updates some material that was already published in the Ninth Scroll, and adds a lot of new lore never seen before. You'll also find a brand new and detailed map of Vetia, an important continent in the Ninth Age world, which we will make available as a stand-alone download too.

The Background Compendium is intended as the primary reference for all things background, providing a detailed introduction to the game's setting.

Simultaneously, we've also updated the background pages of the Ninth Age website, showing off our full lore and introducing an interactive version of the world map that allows you to see roughly where each faction is based. Play around with it here! (side note: already available in French and German, soon in Russian, Italian, Polish too)

Check out all the great new content and please feel free to show it off to anyone who's looking to learn more about the background! Thanks!

Now, before going to remind you of the files of the BC, let's mention the reviews by our great Community Engagement Team:



...and finally, the files!

Of course, please let us know what you think here:

BC compendium feedback thread
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