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Von VisconteDimezzato,

Dear Ninthagers,
In the last months we have worked hard to make our beloved hobby more accessible. For those of you who want to play shorter games, or paint fewer models, or introduce new friends to our game, here's the revised and complete version of Essence of War:

This Beta version contains art, pictures, lore, as well as:

- 20 pages of Basic rules
- premade Patrols for all 20 factions (one page each)
- 10 pages of Advanced rules
- modular Armylists for all 20 factions (one page each)
- single-page Summary of game/turn
- Differences between EW and FB

We will continue to amend and expand this rulebook towards the final Gold publication. In the meantime, we are preparing translations in multiple languages. For this reason, if you spot typos, unclear formulations, or even just things you don't like, make sure to leave your feedback in this thread: EW Discussion.

If you considered starting a new army, or if you want to introduce a friend to the game, or if you plan to organise a demo event at your local club... here's an archive with models for 9 Papercraft Patrols, offered to you by our stellar collaborators Antohammer, Danila and RHWorldbuilding - may the (dark) gods bless them! Just get your home printer ready, fetch paper/scissors/glue, and build an army in no time.

See you in the Discussion thread for feedback,

the EW team.
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