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Von VisconteDimezzato,

Dear community & staff,

Today some news about our License and Terms of Use, including forum moderation.

We're now implementing a standard Creative Commons license: this is happening to allow a more agile use of our material by third parties, and thus support a faster spread of our games & lore.

You can find the license in our Terms of use page: please visit it and become familiar with the contents especially if you are a contributor to our project or a supporting company.

In the very same page you'll notice we also made clearer the forum & moderation rules, to grant a more agile, consistent and transparent process.

The ExB has implemented a simplified system of escalating sanctions. There will be a set track for bans, which will provide consistency to users. It should be noted that bans will be used more often than previously, but with a very clear escalation schedule. We hope that the more frequent use of bans for relatively short durations at the lower end of the schedule will impress upon users the seriousness of certain conduct and result in modification of conduct that runs afoul of the moderation rules.

The aim of these changes is to develop a more friendly community, more open to newcomers and less stressing for both community, staff, and moderators.

We also want to remember everyone that you're welcome to contact Moderators, HR, or ExB if you have any doubt about the new rules and how they affect you.

Thank you,

PR on behalf of ExB.
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