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Von Henrypmiller,

Hello Once Again,

I am delighted to bring you the eagerly anticipated updates for both the Dread Elves and Kingdom of Equitaine. Our Teams have been hard at work and have put together a juicy update for you. The DE book moves into Beta 2 and the KoE Moves into Alpha 3. Both exciting milestones for these books.

Also just around the corner is the next VS update....

Without any further ado, enjoy!

Designers notes for DE

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The sun rises, and day breaks upon the Republic. Welcome to the latest update to the Dread Elves Legendary Armybook Beta.

For starters, lets reiterate the goals of this update.

  1. Continuation of work on the Warlock Outcast
  2. Exploration of increase to character customisation
  3. Establishing a clearer role for the Corsairs in the army
  4. Finetuning shooting avoidance peak builds to match the desired level for the army
  5. Finetuning the overall eliteness of the Warlock Acolytes
On top of these five known by the community right from the start, an additional, larger piece of work was taken on during the update, the exploration of the Temple dynamic of the army, which could be split into three categories:

  1. Exploration of alternative functions for the Temple Exarch
  2. Exploration of alternative functions for the Crucible of Slaughter
  3. Finetuning Blades of Darag
While we go over the design changes made in this update, they are only in summary. For those curious, more detailed notes can be found in the DE Release Notes topic over at the DE subsection of the forums.

Heroes of the Republic

A very common complain among the playerbase for a good while now, has been the nature of DE characters, which are largely locked into their themes, and which feeds into somewhat rigid list-building. If you take X, you take Y character and so on. While this has been largely by design, the Task Team agreed that perhaps these themes should be loosened a bit to allow for greater freedom in exploring the character section and the armies they lead - To this end, the characters of the army have been given greater weapon access, magic items have been tuned to fit into different list types and the Exarch and Officer have seen their main special rules given some leeway in operation. Hopefully these changes will allow for more varied lists featuring characters from different archetypes.

In addition to this, the Warlock has seen its special rules touched on. Irresistible Will has proven to be a bit too high in power, and has been accordingly toned down into a more specialized rule, over its generally-powerful previous version. To offset this drop in pure casting power, the Not a Leader rule has been removed, but in its place is a new rule that makes the Warlocks less effective Generals, even if they can now be used as such.

Raiders and Reavers

The Raiding Party is an unit that has seen fairly little use, owing partially to the fact that the other Core units of DE are very good in what they do, and partially to the fact that the Raiding Party has been characterized as lacking in flavor, a more boring unit in comparison to its peers. So while the power level of the unit is largely where the Task Team wants it to be, the unit still needed a proper role on the field and something more interesting to go with them to boot. In this instance, the unit was chosen to be a part of the Fear-synergy of the army and given rules to reflect this, and the less-used Corsairs have also been given a boost to assist in their maritime theme.

The Horse Problem

The horse-mounted models of the army have consistently proven to be something of an issue, from the sheer power of the Dread Prince to the shooting Dark Riders and the Warlock Acolytes in general. In this update, all of them have been reduced in power, although the Dark Riders have seen something of a shift in power instead of a direct nerf - While their shooting weapons can no longer be taken in Core and have been fully moved to the Raider-category, the unit itself has been moved there, to help resolve a problem slower armies often face - Lack of proper chaff.

Temple Representation

The final problem faced by the team in this update, was the representation of the Temple theme of the army - While Exarchs and Militants have seen use, armies built around the idea have been lacking. To combat this, the Exarch has been changed to be more inclusive with its special rules and the Crucible of Slaughter has been given a large redesign to make it a centerpiece that allows for a larger effect on the theme. And in turn with these, the Blades of Darag have also seen a change that makes them have a greater effect on the unarmored Militants, but a lesser one on the more powerful Warlock Acolytes.

All in all, we hope that this update will give the current selection of lists a large shake and allow for some of the less-used choices in the army to rise to relevancy, while making more varied themes of greater interest.

We hope to see you on the battlefields

-The DE Task Team

Designers notes for KoE

Display Spoiler
This is a bit bigger update and targeting some designs we thought could be improved.
Price point wise we did mostly internal balance. External balance the only thing that is for sure is that the Flying Circus list, in a team environment and when paired for it, is top tier. Everything else should be okay which means we could freely focus on internal balance. We had about 54 tournament lists to help us, the interesting thing was the vast difference between metas. For example almost every Spanish list has Lowborn Levies while almost no UK list has them.

Army Wide Special Rules
When it comes to Ordeal it was not perfect due to 5+ Aegis exception. So we decided to explore a bit. Original problem identified was that due to 5+ Aegis limitation, when an Ordeal unit triggers its Aegis buff, you can't buff it further with protection Orison. New design was mostly targeted at non-Core Ordeal units and we need to take into account that original Ordeal was made so that Peasants do not bleed Combat Score when in multicombat with Knights. Old Ordeal was doing this bleed protection with wound prevention method, new Ordeal is doing it with Combat Score boosting method. Will it work? We are not entirely sure, but due to how Orisons work players should have more choices on which Orison to use (you can still use +1 Aegis Orison on Levies to further negate the Combat Score bleed) when it actually comes to multicombat.
If this will not work and be worse, we can always revert back to the old Ordeal. We know how it works.

Orison and Sainted changes are only clarifications, stuff still works the same as before.

Bastard Sword
We did fear the new Bastard Sword design will make Questing Knights too versatile, and it did. Questing Knights could basically ignore the need to Charge, you would just place them in front of enemy unit and say »come at me«. With Rending banner (almost half of tournament lists had Rending banner on Knights of the Quest) you had AP3, very good, very safe. This is not an eliteness problem as much as stepping in the roles of other Cavalry in the army, mostly Penitent ones.
Old Bastard design was apparently doing things better -> Cavalry is for Charging, Infantry is for receiving a Charge.

Uther's Mettle
Works pretty much as before, with the exception that now it works even if you are not Charging. There was zero (literally zero) of this item usage on tournaments.

Black Knight's Tabard
The big elephant in the room. Lets go from the start RT only asked TT to try and streamline the rule better, that it currently breaks too many Rulebook rules and that eliteness is not an issue. Then next week we found out that one TT and one RT member were both playing this item wrong. But not playing it wrong in the same way and both of them in a more nerfed state. That was a clear sign to me that RT is right when saying the item is complex if even experienced staff members are playing it wrong.
So if we go with redesign lets do it within guidelines which are: KoE Characters are about Specialization. In the end we opted for a strong variant of Multi Wound Protection which should still help against the same targets you usually take this item (Cannons, multiple wound Assassins that strike first), while additionally not being good against everything else like old Tabard was.
Worth noting is also that we didn't replace old Tabard with this, we replaced old Tabard that would probably be priced at 80 points. Out of 54 lists we had, 24 of them had an Equitan Lord with Tabard, Panoply and a Great Weapon. Due to most top performing lists heaving this Equitan Lord setup it was becoming a crutch which could prevent fair price on other army choices. Also a very generalist pick that is good against everything, clearly against the guideline that KoE Characters are about specialization.
Furthermore, most of these builds had Blessed Inscriptions enchanted, so if we would increase the price of old Tabard, we would render this currently most popular build obsolete. Mortal Reminder going down in price is to make it more attractive compared to Blessed Inscriptions.

Additionally, to make non-Great Weapon choices more attractive we also made a new Shield enchant!

Castellan's Crest
We felt the army needs more help on the thing it should be top3 at, Charging. Not Combat Score. This also makes this banner more attractive on Knight Bannerets because you can use it before Combat.

Equitan Lord
We made the Great Weapon option 5 points more expensive. Paired Weapons and Halberd options 10 points cheaper.
With Principles all is okay, Valour is most popular, followed by Excellence. And Justice is by far the most popular on Castellans. Even though Generosity is almost non taken, we feel it is nice to have that old flavor option available.

Moving additional attacks to Castellan only should open more builds. Now you can have a combat oriented Cleric or Minstrel (ex Troubadour). Or just a cheap Castellan only cowboy.

All unit and option point changes just reflect what people played the most and we did some internal balancing.
Generally, on tournament lists, Feudal Knights represent half of the Core people were playing. The other half of Core is divided between the other three choices. We think that this is fine and how this army should be played. So we are not making non-Feudal Knight Core choices more attractive.

Knights of the Court
No one was playing this so we are experimenting to have this upgrade on Knights Resplendent.

Forlorn are now better due to reverting the Bastard Sword Change, and other choices are better with gaining the unit wide Special rule now. We want to make them more attractive in general. Let's see.

Sacred Reliquary
This unit was used to generate Orison tokens and use them elsewhere. We think this suiciding type of play is not fitting and streamlined with Faith Knightly Principle.

Hedge Knights
Are now correct as we envisioned them previously. Made slightly cheaper. Let's see how this goes. They are probably high on the list for redesign so we welcome any suggestions which do not make them even more similar, role wise, to Sky Heralds or Yeoman.

Hooded Men
Unpopular pick. Hope that making a new role option for them and price them down will help. Quick to Fire was removed as this felt too elvish shooting. And this unit is not primarily being taken for its shooting performance, so no harm done with nerfing that aspect.

Pegasus Knights
Lance formation was making some people play this unit in conga, 1 wide, 3 deep. Does not feel right. This Special rule otherwise gives nothing else to the unit, it was there just for feeling of streamline.

That new rule basically means that Naiads treat Water the same way as Forests (Stubborn in it due to Light Troops). And they are Infantry now so you can theoretically join Damsel to them.

The Lady's Courtier
Got a big boost. This model was rarely played and we redesigned it to be more elite since the target price point for it is 450 points. Basically it competes with a unit of 4 Pegasus Knights. Hopefully it is as attractive now. We did extensive theorycraft and in the end decided this entry should offer a player to field a Flying combat cowboy outside Character section, and a caster single model outside the Character section. This is to alleviate the pressure that a player has to maximize the Character section to field everything the army needs.

Fey Knight
This unit is played in about 1/3 of lists. We find this adequate and only boosted the option (Green Knight) that was least taken.

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