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Von ForsetisMuse,

Do you have a growing desire to contribute to your hobby on another level? We will welcome you with open arms!

Like all teams working on The 9th Age (T9A), we are volunteers with different educational and professional backgrounds. What unites us all is our passion for the hobby and in our specific case creation of art. The primary goal of the Art Team is to create art for use in many different books. While deadlines needs to be kept, it is up to you, to define how much time and effort you can help out with - there is a need to create both highly detailed artworks, such as front pages and other full page images, as well as smaller decorative items.

We prefer Art Team members to possess these traits:
  • Digital color painting skill (illustration without inking - No comic style)
  • Or realistic/adult black & white line art
  • Acceptable notion of anatomy
  • Acceptable use of perspective and shortcuts

What can Art Team provide you:
  • An amazing team with social connections and networks across cultures, languages and countries
  • Insight in the development of the Project
  • An opportunity to shape The 9th Age by creating art used throughout the project
  • A sense of pride and accomplishment
  • A platform to show your portfolio to a wide audience

If the above sounds appealing to you, we look forward to receiving your application here!

Ideally you should provide a link, in your application, to your existing portfolio (or part of it) which can be on one of the many online gallery sites such as DeviantArt or to Google Drive, DropBox etc, whichever is more convenient to you.

If you have any additional question before applying feel free to contact us (@'Thorsen', @Giladis, @Casp and @ForsetisMuse) via the conversations (PM) function at the top of the forum.

If you want to help out with something else we have several other teams currently looking for extra hands, which are found here!

Best Regards
HR and Art Team
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