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Von Calisson,

Flea Market monthly update, with some unclassified model.
MyMiniFactory elves and bizarre snake
June is upon us and we have news for our MyMiniFactory Tribe.

First up, the monthly miniature reward for all Tribe Turkeys is a DL Veil Serpent:

This beauty is optimised for a 40mm base, prints in one piece and comes both unsupported and pre-supported.

But not only that! For this month - and this month only - all Tribe Turkeys will receive a special gift from @ZBSMiniatures. Their current campaign Clash in the Borderlands has another 9 days to go and if you like their elves, this should be right up your alley:

The Lost Elves Swordsmen are not part of the campaign and - for the time being - joining the Flea Market MyMiniFactory tribe in June is the only way to get them.

Joining the tribe is only 3$ per month, comes with tons of perks and you can cancel your membership at any time. What are you waiting for? Join our tribe today!

Check out our storefront on MyMiniFactory!
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