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Von VisconteDimezzato,

Greetings T9Aers!

Both Summaries and Giants Supplement have been updated, new versions already in the download tab.

Giants release notes:

Free, Fi, Foe, ‘um…Friend?!?

Giants are encountered all across the world, and when young they are natural wanderers. Free to wonder the globe looking for adventure, they become well accustomed to working with their bare hands. Even though young and immature, they can be quite imaginative when it comes to dispatching those Foes that pose a threat to it or its Friends. These methods can be further augmented by those who beFriend them, too. Giants are naturally sociable and want to make Friends. This Um, urge, helps to drive them to find a defining life experience. Upon finding those who would treat them fairly and fondly, the Giant will adapt their behavior to fit with their new home. So with that, we present a selection of our newest warm and fuzzy Giants that are awaiting you to adopt them as your own today so they can start their life defining experience with you.

Pleased to offer up the latest update for the Giants Supplement.

With this update, the Giants Supplement will reach Gold status after a short public proof-reading period (i.e. it is expected to be updated once per year during the yearly balance update). It comprises the following changes:
• The KoE and VS giants were redesigned in order to match the new LABs.
• Other giants and upgrades were subject to small redesigns (e.g. in order to simplify the rules and/or make choices more competitive).
• Rules, options, and prices were streamlined with the corresponding Army Books.
• Many giants and their upgrades were repriced.

Please report any errors you may find in the Supplement and any feedback you may have here:

Giants Supplement - feedback thread
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