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Von Calisson,

Sorry for the delay, we had some issues with the forum which are now solved.

What's next at Flea Market

Flea Market's first campaign is launching soon. A complete set to start collecting Daemon Legions!

- Minis
- Terrain
- Peripherals

You can sign up here for a sample miniature and to be informed when the campaign goes live!

Check out our storefront on MyMiniFactory!
MDD prints Mantic and discount
Mcdougall Designs is now a proud retailer of Mantic games products. We have a curated selection available on the web store, with the rest of the range being available via special order/emailed request.

What's more, prices are 20% off MsRP (10% off mantic direct items), perfect to stock up on mantic products and add to your legions before the mantic-corporate price rise announced for later this year.

The empires of dust range, which is getting a plastics release/range revamp, has two army sets on preorder for a July release.

Main collection:


Owner/Operator of McDougall Designs, a 3D printing service and retailer for Wargames Atlantic

If you need something 3D printed, McDougall Designs can assist.
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