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Von VisconteDimezzato,

7 years and running!

It's a period of negative turmoil around the world, sadly and for various reasons. But T9A, as we stated in the past, want to be the place where people enjoy their time and forge bonds and friendships. Thus, we wanted this period to be one of a positive turmoil for the project.

It means we started a huge process of review, launching actions to collect more and more feedback from the community and set the course for the incoming months and years, creating feedback loops, answering comments and improving our communications about coming changes.

Let's see what else happened!


ID, DE, VS, KoE new LABs kept going in the last 12 months. SA are about to hit (no date yet, but let's say soon), and OnG LAB Task Team started their work.

Finally, the Background Compendium hit, together with an improved version of the site lore-wise and the new Background Supplement for the faction undergoing LAB creation.

The balance patch 2022 hit back in Q1 and among other things, we're reviewing the process of such patches and also of several options, for example about secondary objectives.

Auxiliary books, including the Giant Supplement, have been or are being updated accordingly, too, as well as Essence of War.

Finally, the new Legendary Rulebook is about to hit!

Staff and Organisation

We're constantly reviewing our production and support process, constantly assessing bottlenecks, present and future (potential issues). We're constantly understaffed (please visit our vacancies/application pages!), but our HR is constantly recruiting in an epic effort of keeping all the manpower and related stress in check!

The LAB creation process is constantly under review, updated according to the situation and arising issues.

Also, as you probably know through the Survey launched last week, we're trying to figure out what the community expect from a future T9A 3.0.


The competitive scene proved to be alive and kicking, with dozens of tournaments online and finally, after two years, live. Even big and international ones, and a new ETC is coming in August in Pesaro, Italy, with a lot of national teams confirmed.


Are we happy? Each year is a present, but at the same time we've to prepare to support the next one. The management is happy with the efforts of our beloved staff and the support of the community, but we also need to look forward to improve constantly.

Every year is a new challenge, and every year we set new, ambitious objective, including the growth of the community. To meet those objectives we need you all, which is also why we're deeply thankful to all of you, staff&community members, for both your support and your critical comments.

Looking forward!

On behalf of the Executive Board.
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