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Von Calisson,

We're back to Saturday company news routine.
With two of them. Enjoy!
Flea Market alternative - and cute - daemons

Welcome to Flea Market's Daemon Legions: Chibi Edition

In our continued effort to support T9A in its effort to make the best wargaming experiences, Flera Market in cooperation with RHWorldbuilding has launched the Daemon Legions: Chibi Edition. This campaign gives you all you need to play Daemon Legions in Essence of War and also serves as a stable basis for a Daemon Legions army in T9A: Fantasy Battles!

The designs have been optimised for wargaming: Easy and fast to print and paint. Ideal for friends you may want to introduce the hobby to. The designs are all modular so you can get a lot of variety out of the rank and file troops as well as customizing each mini to your liking.

The campaign consists of a single pledge for all items:
  • modular miniatures (84 parts)
  • area terrain (3 large pieces in 10 parts)
  • game aids to get playing in The Ninth Age

For more, follow this link to the campaign page

Check out our storefront on MyMiniFactory!
GamesMythology version of beasts and antique humans and some giants too
The Hellas War is Live on Frontiers, visit it now here and enjoy the early bird offers!

Packs prices:

Hellas army 50$ (early bird 30$)

Invaders & Allies 50$ (eary bird 30$)

All in one 90$ (early bird 50$)

With any of our pledges you will get our frontier july release of beastmen INCLUDED FOR FREE (Learn more on the campaign) ->

See you on the battlefield!
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Adrian Garcia
Games Mythology
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