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Von VisconteDimezzato,

Hey Hobgoblins players!

We've finally finalized the Hobgoblins Beta 3. Now, as we've said elsewhere, this is not the final Beta, but it will be the final Beta for quite some time, as with Orcs and Goblins being the next LAB in the queue, it seemed better to pause Hobgoblins on Beta 3 and pick up Beta 4 once the full Warborn book has found it's feet, rather than rushing Hobgoblins to gold and then discovering that their disloyal cousins have a special rule or profile change that fits Hobgoblins perfectly.

Still, we've got a lot of changes packed into this little supplement, so let's go over them.

First off, some fun new toys. The Baited Banner gives mounts (and Gogyags) Hatred. Keep them lean, keep them mean, trample them with elephantry.
Similarly, there's a new tool in the toolkit: the Hob Savaran, a super-cheap (new game record!) character who has to stay in their unit (so no chaffing or cowboy shenanigans). Only one per unit, because fielding five them of them as a super-elite cavalry blob would be silly, but they're not just a Champion - they come with Infernal Armour and some customization, so they can provide quite a nice little boost to offense. Equally important, though, they receive the Bubble from an extra 6" away. Basically, they're Vassal Chieftains from the ID book, but - like the rest of the Hobgoblins book - expanded on and made a bit more the centre of attention.

(phew, that was a long exposition.)

Next, some toys got shared: Satraps (and Savarans, but they're new) can ride Colossal Camels. No machine-gun (we're being a bit cautious here) but matching bases are a nice option to have, right?

Then there's the things that got better. The headline news here is Gogyags.
The Regimental Gogyag? CORE. CORE. CORE. Lost the ability to join the Special unit, but they were archers so really, small price to pay for core war platform monsters. We heard people complaining that Hobgoblins required too many models to fill core (more than Vermin Swarm is too many!), so we fixed it in style (right?).

Oh, and the kind of Gogyag ridden by characters? Clearly, they must be baby Aurochs, because now? They halve the wounds from multiple wounds. Why? Well, unlike most monsters, Gogyags can't really hide behind cover. This is fine for the regimental lads (they're just a unit) but when they're providing bubble, that's more of a problem. Maybe slashing prices would have gotten the job done, but they were already pretty cheap for something so big.

Still, that's not the only improvement. The Shah now copies the Overlord a little, unleashing the fury of burning Hatred on their foes. They trade away their 4th attack for that, but said attack decided to go chill with the Wicked Serrations and make this signature Hobgoblin weapon a little more appealing. Did we say a little more appealing? We mean a lot more appealing; it now triggers on a hit, so it triggers a little more often, and helps the Shah on their to-wound rolls.

Archery Commanders now give Quick to Fire instead of mucking about with Line Formation; not helpful with Blunderbusses (they never were) but bootleg Flintlocks can use this bonus, and it's still good (really, probably better than before) on archers. Also don't forget you can use it with Cataphracts.

Speaking of, Sky Mountain Emissaries now have Iron Rain, partly because people kept not noticing that they didn't. (Plus some stat bumps to try and push them into lists a bit more.) But we did remove the extra +1 AP from the rule for gunpowder weapons: arrows can use the bonus a bit more than bullets, but either way +1 to-hit is a nice bonus for shooting someone in the back, and Quick to Fire (remember what I just said about Archery Commanders, at least when it comes to Blunderbusses and Flintlocks) can help you set up those shots.

Downside, the special shooting units lost their magic banner slots; after reflection, we decided "BANNERS FOR EVERYONE!" made Hobgoblins a little too magic-item-slot rich, and the natural place to remove them from was shooting units (as combat units need them more, especially with the shiny new Baited Banner to try out...).

Circling back to backs, Disciples also get even more AP when stabbing their foes in the flanks or rears; happy Stabsgiving!

There's a few other changes here but it's mostly for consistency and simplicity. No more Dis 8 wizard generals will probably bum someone out, but it's not like Goblin characters are super expensive. Slings still sling oil, we just moved that part to Iron Rain to try and keep all the rules for how it works in one place.

But mostly, FIELD ELEPHANTS. They're core now guys, c'mon. Try it out.


File available in the download tab.

And here is a Hobgoblin Beta Update and Full Army Review from Community Engagement
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