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Von It is Flo,


you can follow the ETC both on and on some media sites.

Let us start with 3 boards:

- T9A swedish subboard: Svenska lagets ETC blogg 2022 - ETC - The 9th Age (

2 German boards:
- ETC 2022 in Pesaro: Kampf um den WM-Titel - 9th Age - Allgemein -

Scotland: ETC Team Scotland 9th Age (@TeamScotlandT9A) / Twitter

T9AinBavaria: t9ainbavaria - Twitch (this channel did bring the Top gae from ESC and will focus on austria and germany on ETC)
SuperOrko: Superorko's Twitch

Erk and Orc: (spanish)
(17) ChiHammer Fantasy Battles - YouTube (french)

A French Mercenary - Warhammer 9th Age | Facebook
France: Le 9e Âge - France | Facebook
9th Age ITALIA | Facebook
The 9th Age Australian Community | Facebook
9th Age in Denmark | Facebook
Team USA - The 9th Age - ETC 2019 | Facebook
The 9th Age Netherlands | Facebook
Team Sweden 9th Age | Facebook
The 9th Age: Fantasy Battles - Czech Republic | Facebook
The Ninth Age NZ | Facebook
UK: The UK 9th Age Community | Facebook

Have fun watching and reading ETC content and remember you can see and hear the Ask the Management Talk from firday 5.08 at 7:00 pm on T9AinBavaria: t9ainbavaria - Twitch

Cu Just_Flo sometimes fully and sometimes half live from ETC
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