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Von It is Flo,

Hello Fellow 9th Agers,

With the soon-to-be release of the SA LAB, community engagement has been hard at work preparing podcasts and YouTube videos showcasing and previewing the new Alpha LAB for SA! Here is the release schedule as well as the first videos to be released. Also, watch out for updates on the Dashboard!

Day 1: August 27th
Overview of army special/model rules, armoury, heredity spell (all the stuff at the front of the book). PTG , Erk and Ork (spanish)
Battle report #1 Evershade Gaming

Day 2: August 28th
preview of the magic items and howdah items Cavalier's Tale,

Erk and Ork (spanish

Background review from supplement Glory of Golden State

Day 3: August 29th
preview of the Character section and character mounts Glory of Golden State
Erk and Ork (spanish) [b]
Preview of the Core section
Erk and Ork (spanish)

Day 4: August 30th
Preview of the Special Section Cavalier's Tale

Erk and Ork (spanish) 93vQgRd8fA
Battle report #2 Math-CD
English - watch these dice!

French - mate ces dés!
T9A - Rapport de Bataille (Warhall) #73: Infernal Dwarves vs Saurian Ancient - YouTube

Day 5: August 31st
Preview of Guerrilla Warriors section and Preview of Magna Sauria section
Evershade Gaming
Saurian Ancient's Alpha LAB: Preview of the Guerrilla Warriors and the Magna Sauria! - YouTube

Erk and Ork (spanish)

Battle Report #3 Agrael (french)

Day 6- (release day) September 1st
Full book reviews-

Glory of Golden State Gaming

Midtable Menaces…-age-podcast/id1612713875

Mate ces dés! (French)[/b]

Erk and Ork (spanish)

Unlisted (French)

Shiny (Russian)

Evershade Gameing

Here's a playlist with all the videos thus far:
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