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Von VisconteDimezzato,

Greetings, fellow dino-lovers!

The Saurians are finally among us!

So, let's go step by step.

First point first, the TT release notes:

Display Spoiler

Greetings to all of my lovely lizard lovers (and likers and loathers) out there!
After many moons of planning and preparing, we are proud to present to you the Alpha of Saurian Ancients!

Saurian Ancients has a lot of unique facets to it that set it apart from other armies: Mixed units. Strong magic. Specialized discipline rules. Mobile units that dance around opponents shooting poison. And most importantly, Dinosaurs! We wanted to keep the unique identity of the army while enhancing many of the things that make the army so special.

Some of the new features of the Saurian Ancients were made to double down on those unique facets. Combined Strength lets the different Saurian species literally work together in the same unit. We’ve seen Caimans in Skinks before, but now we have Caiman in Tegu, Carnosaurs fighting alongside Raptor Riders, Thyroscutus being a living shield to Tegu, and more. Our magic has always been top notch, and the new Anurarch should keep that tradition alive. Also, Dinosaurs! We have dinosaur herds, fierce predators, charging taurosaurs, and now we have the largest monster in the game with the Titanopod.

We tried to make sure that all of the classic archetypes of the Saurian Ancients are present in this army. We have mixed arms (the most mixed arms of any army thanks to Combined Strength!) We have given the Saurian Ancients the tools to bring back the famous (or infamous) cloud army. Also, Dinosaurs! Monster mash is alive and well.

We focused on bringing the identity of the army to the table. We took a lot of inspiration from the Ninth Age’s unique new background. Most importantly, the Saurian Ancients are not humans. They do not think like humans. They do not act like humans. As such, they should not play as though they are just scaly humans. The Saurian Ancients draw their strength from each other and from their ideals. There are no generals in the Saurian Ancients – all are equal. The courage of one becomes the courage of all. This also lets us explore an untouched concept – the ability to make a fully character-free army.

We cannot wait for everyone to have a chance to try out the new Saurian Ancients. That said, please remember that it is only the first Alpha. We are aware that not every design and option will work perfectly fine just yet. Your feedback is necessary to mold the book into its final form. Please try it out and let us know what you think. We are happy to receive your feedback and gaming reports in the newly opened threads, so we can keep improving the book based on your thoughts and ideas. Let us know if your favorite playstyle is alive and will. Our hope is that everyone finds the army fun and engaging, so we look forward to hearing about your scaly adventures.

Farewell for now, or as the saurians would say, ROOOOOAAAAR!

Now, some more material from the CET guys!





and finally, here comes the book!

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