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Von Calisson,

As usual, Flea Market follows closely T9A evolution.
Here is the result.
Last heard from Flea Market
Our focus this fall will be on bringing previous Tribe-exclusive minis to the storefront, so except to see more updates from us than usual :)

First up is this month's Tribe release, which will go on sale in early October: The Skorchit Ordnance Missile Silo!

This item gives you a mound of dirt around a pipe on a round 75mm base (with holes for magnets), a cover for the pipe in two variations, as well as two variations of the missile itself: one to go inside the pipe and one stand-alone.

The item will go on sale for 10$ once it hits the store in October. However, all members of the Turkey Tribe are receiving it as their September reward for supporting Flea Market on MMF, which is a mere 3$!


Next: to celebrate the release of the SA LAB, we have a 50% discount code for our SA Army Pack:

This pack includes six different gaming peripherals, all themed for your Saurian Ancients army:

  • Dice Cylinder: Holds up to 45 12mm dice (with some wiggle room so you can also use it as an impormptu maraca).
  • Army Dice: Themed dice with the faction icons, slightly modified to fit a tiny die. We recommend using washes to paint these.
  • Ambush Dice: Themed dice for ambushing
  • Army Token: An all-purpose token with the faction icon
  • Line of Sight Marker: Check your Line of Sight: This shows 45 degrees off the corder of your units.
  • Cosmology Coin: When using the Path of Cosmology, flip this coin over when switching spell versions

Use code SALAB at checkout to get 50% off!


Check out our storefront on MyMiniFactory!
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