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Von deuf,

Prompt Art ! Produce beautiful art by writing.
The Art Team is recruiting!

The introduction of artificial intelligence into the world of illustration opens new doors for T9A. Although it is still a technology in its infancy. We believe that it has already reached a sufficient level to be able to bring a great help to the project, and to allow the art team to follow the pace of the LAB production.
Currently the bottleneck that reduces the release of the legendary books is mainly the art team and the layout team. With this technology we should be able to remove one of these bottlenecks for the project already.

You could look at those public thread on the forum to see what is possible:
AI created art for T9A
HBE AI Generated Art

Helping us with this task requires mainly time and willingness.
No artistic skills are really required.

A new server discord dedicated to the creation of art by artificial intelligence for T9A has been created.
To join us we ask you:

- the willingness to learn how to use the AI correctly, which requires training and time.

- The ability to work in a team and follow the creative process set up by the team.

- Be willing to pay a subscription to Midjourney of 10$ per month ideally. But this is a big commitment, so you can just join the server to observe and test with the trial mode, before going further. There are also other possible AIs, but using midjourney as a common base allows for better teamwork.

- A knowledge of photomontage techniques with gimp or photoshop would be a big plus to allow you to finalize your creations.

- A graphic tablet and some basic knowledge of digital painting would be the icing on the cake. But it is not necessary at all.

If you are motivated contact the head of art: @Casp on forum / Pipol Casp on facebook / Casp#8780 on discord or Deuf (for HR questions).
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