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Von Calisson,

All of what is described in the title is in the offer below.
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Flea Market flurry of releases
And just like that, Flea Market is back with a flurry of releases!

First up, our previously teased Scenario Dice are up on the store! While the T9A rulebook says you should determine the deployment and secondary objective by rolling a D6 for each and then check that off against a list, we've written all those things down on the dice themselves!

But that's not all.... there are also visual options for those who want to see the schematics right away. It's downright genius! Not to mention affordable at only 3$

Ok, so we've got the best dice in existence. Big whoop. You're here for the minis! For you, we have the Skorchit Ordnance Missile Silo:

Ok... so that's cool. But we know what minis our audience really wants. What T9A is all about, really: Dwarves!

For our tribe this month, we have another Dwarf character - Durak Strongbrew of the Thunderforge Clan. This old-school sculpts comes in no less than three poses:

The chainmail, the beard, that stunty dwarfish swagger... It all looks beautiful both in render and in print!

If you're hungry for even more dwarven goodness and missed our previous tribe release, you're in luck! MyMiniFactory is currently running a campaign where you can get your hands on Thrang Ironfinder:

The campaign is only live for a few more days, so make sure you don't miss out!

... You know what else is fast approaching? That's right, Halloween is right around the corner and Flea Market is participating in MyMiniFactory's Halloween Sale. Use the discount code 2SPOOKY5ME to get a whopping 50% off all our spooky items:

Snowman Minic
Burned Trees
DL Army Pack
UD Army Pack
VC Army Pack
Chibi Stolas the Harbinger
Chibi Imps
Chibi Myrmidons
Chibi Hellhounds

All this and more over at Flea Market!
Check out our storefront on MyMiniFactory!
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