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Von Calisson,

Dear community,

In the past seven years, you have generously supported T9A with your donations.
(note for those who did not know, the page where to donate is found <here>, just in case…).

We have not published reports so far - this was something we wanted to do and improve going forward -
it has taken quite some work to gather the information while we all have other tasks, such as playing T9A and improving the game.

Please learn today that from July 2015 to June 2022,
we have received on average:
1,475.38 € yearly collected.

The team and everyone in the community benefitting from T9A deeply thank you, the donors.

As you would expect, we have expenses as well.
Everybody here works for free, but we have technical expenses that we cannot avoid.

During the same seven years, the project T9A has, on average,
spent 924.79 € yearly.

These costs have been spread between roughly 85% in server fees, and 15% in financial fees (paypal, change).

Since May 2020, the server expenses increased (some of you probably remember why the cheaper server was not adequate anymore…).
Currently we may estimate to have a range of:
1,230€ yearly expenses anticipated.

Our current Balance is 3,854€ - meaning that we have approximately
three years of expenses already covered, should our expenses stay flat.

To help you, the donors, to know what we do with your money,
we intend from now on to publish once a year a detailed balance sheet, covering one calendar year.

If we set a wished target for donations at 1,500€, close to historical level, that should cover amply our expenses.
We intend to hold back two years worth of server costs, so we are not pursuing donations urgently to keep the site live.

The question is, what should we do with the unspent money over this amount?
You should have a say, since it comes from you.
- Do we just keep it in case?
- Do we extend the spending for occasional advertisement in gaming events, supporting events through prizes, running competitions and so on?
- Should we call more actively for more money, to be able to afford more professional advertising?

This is something that we are keen to discuss with you, our community, in the thread here: T9A and money - discussion.

Thank you again for your support to your game!

On behalf of T9A executive board.
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