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Von It is Flo,

Wargames Illustrated has now their annual vote for the best ruleset of year 2022. I and others have in the past looked for the space where one can enter a ruleset, entered T9A and voted for it.

In fact, so many of you have done that, that when I scrolled down to enter T9A and vote for it I stumbled.

Yes, your eyes are correct. No, I did not use photoshop/ paint/ ... (at least not on this picture). I and the project say thank you. Thank you for voteing for us year after year. Thank you for voteing enough, that we finally are on the regular list competing with the big names of the industry like Bolt Action, Flames of War and Warhammer 40k.

So, as this is achieved, what is next? I don't know, but with you continueing your help and support (or start with it), we might win a second time in the future (being on the list is already a big win) and this time, we might even win the Award.

If you want to vote, please klick here:

Thank you

Just_Flo for the Team of Fantasy Battles: The Ninth Age.
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