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Von Calisson,

Thanks to one of our members who wishes paper copies to be available.
FloriGressConsulting prints translations
For the next Company news:

Batallas de fantasía: The 9th Age no habla español. ¡Encaminado! Mira aquí (…rsi%C3%B3n-espa%C3%B1ola/, todos los libros de reglas y ejército en tu idioma o aquí (Merodeando el Abismo Amazon-USA or Amaozon Spain y La Epopeya de Kibotesh [b] Amazon-USA or Amaozon Spain) 2 de seguramente pronto más libros impresos de T9A en español[/b].

Ya sea Argentina, España, México o... si el español es tu idioma, entonces T9A y también @FloriGressConsulting tienen libros para ti. ¿Por qué no vas a explorar el mundo de T9A en tu lengua materna?

Of course Merodeando el Abismo and La Epopeya de Kibotesh can be found and bought on every country website Amazon offers.

That said, with the recent reupload of the Rulebook finally all T9A Rule (yes even Pirate's Peril) but Essence of War which is nearing finished status fast as I hear are back on Amazon.

Please be aware, that once the 1st Batch of the Balance Patch hits AC, Rulebook and the LAB-Slim Armybooks will go down till I have the updated versions online. In case you really need a than outdated version of a book pm me.

T9A on:
Youtube: T9A in Bayern, T9A in Bavaria,,, and
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