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Von Calisson,

Dear community,

Many of you appreciate our setting and wish for more.
The idea to develop a role-playing game in the world of T9A has been brought up regularly by community members.
Finally, after thorough investigation, the team starts the long process of making it happen.

In order to reach the widest audience, we will inspire our RPG from the most widespread RPG, making all the necessary adaptations.
Our playable characters will be inspired from T9A:FB characters, for most.
In the process, we intend to develop our setting, so as to include all that is needed for an RPG.
Like all T9A products, the rules, the setting and the campaigns will be downloadable for free from our website.

We recruit!

If you want like us to develop T9A:RPG, made by community players like you and me, welcome to the team!

We need (more) people obsessed with the details of the setting, who will gather and publish lots of information about the world of T9A, digging from all the treasures that the background team has cumulated during seven years and not yet released - and adding lots more.

We need experienced RPG players and game masters, in particular those who know Dungeons and Dragons. We need you to develop playable rules, and to test them out.

We're also happy to see people apply to the Art Team, with a focus on individual characters and adventurer's parties, rather than full armies.

To apply, please click on your avatar (your picture top left of your screen), then "User Groups", then look at the bottom of the first page.
For the Art Team, that's in the second page.

Not to forget, we're happy to discuss with the whole community, even those who won't participate in the RPG team.
<Here> is the thread to discuss your expectations for T9A:RPG.

The RPG team.
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