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Von Desmoze,

Dear community,

We are always searching for new people to our esteemed translation teams, and currently it's our German team who need the most help.

By translating rules book and background texts, we can extend the scope of the project, allowing new people to discover the game and its rules, and offering more people the pleasure of reading the works of the background team. The teams work requires in the first place the establishment of a glossary and basic translations rules for any new language, and then translating and proofreading both rules and background texts for already, etablished team by using SmartCat and the etablished glossary.
Being able to spend at least around 2 hours per week for translation is a must, and in order to validate your level we will ask you to translate one of the unprocessed document (so no matter the results, you still help the project to move forward :) )

Skills we are looking for :
- A good understanding of the rules and texts in English
- An excellent ability with the native language of the Translation Team
- A willingness to work with Rules and Background teams to ensure the best translations
- Knowledge of Latex and/or SmartCat is a welcome plus

If you're interested in joining the translation teams and help the,project reach even more players of various languages send in your,application here !
Looking to help for another language ? Feel free to contact us by message !

And if you want to help out with something else, we have several other teams currently looking for extra hands, which are found here !

Have a great day and best regards,
Translation and HR teams
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