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Von Calisson,

Dear community,

Many of you enjoy a good battle report, for various reasons.
But this one is truly a masterpiece!

Think more about a graphic story than a technical batrep.
Indeed, every page:
- is illustrated by one or more superb AI-generated images,
- alternating with actual pictures of the battle,
- with, of course, graphics showing the placement and movement of the units,
- around the fluff-heavy explanations provided by both generals.

You can enjoy this superb battle report <here>.

Your encouragements for more are welcome, in the dedicated thread:
Masterwired's Old Style Battle Reports

A big thanks to Masterwired for the passion he placed in this report, along with his partner Karanadon!

And for the fans, who asked by popular demand for this report to make the News.

Cheers, and see you on the battlefields!
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