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Von It is Flo,

Dear community / Liebe Gemeinde / Cara comunità / Уважаемое сообщество / Chère communauté / Estimada comunidad,

The 9th Age's translation team is very proud to release this batch of updates in no less than six languages simultaneously!
This is no small feat, considering that the translators have a mere few days to receive the new documents, decide how to translate each single new word, implement the changes in the documents in latex, double or triple check everything, and send it for publication.
In the process, they foolproof the text in English, having to examine every single word, which makes their contribution to its quality invaluable.
The sheer amount of changes implemented during these 2023 batches has been brutal to everyone, and that includes the translators.

A big round of applause!

One special "vielen Dank" for the German translation team, who managed not only to cope with that big effort, but also to recover from a dramatic situation after years of high turnover, which had left scores of inconsistencies, typos and grammatical mistakes. All the books will be up-to-date, with the not-so-small exception of the BRB but even that one should be soon back on track, given the dedication of the team.

There is still lots of work to do in many languages, namely to update the BRB and to start the translation of Essence of War, so that unfrequent players could be initated to T9A in other languages than English.

Oh, also, after the translation is done, layout is in high demand, so if someone volunteered for that...

On behalf of @Ghiznuk, for the Translation Team.

And here we have some words from RT about 2 specific things contained in the Patch:

Flaming Standard / Alchemy combo:
1) To RT it looks like this is a build that is not over the top and a build that isn't overly popular. Yes, it is a combo, but it's not overshadowing other list variants people play with armies that have access to Alchemy.
2) What was discussed was making Flaming Standard 0-1. RT decided to not do it as that would lower the external strength of Alchemy Path. This means that Alchemy path would need a boost in stronger spells. We did not want to use resources for Alchemy on this year's patch when Gold Army Book design changes can be done. Due to this Flaming Banner / Alchemy combo not being broken and does not need our immediate attention (point #1), we don't need to force (re)design it.

We saw a very low pick rate in Beast Heards and Sylvan Elves for new Druidism, so updates to this path were mostly done in this direction.
As much as Attribute was nice and fitting, it wasn't useful for all the armies that can access the Path. The attribute was removed and Lay Lines were improved.
As for the strength of Healing goes, we made it fairer across unit types and both healing spells can now target Characters inside units. The best targets for this spell are still something like raising 2 Questing Knights or 4 Pathfinder models as that brings the most bang for the buck. On the other hand, Monsters had very bad 'points value raised' with 1 HP, even with increasing Monster raises to 2 HP, the vast majority of them will not bring as good returns as raising some of the most elite R&F Infantry or Cavalry models do.

You really want to know what we released today exactly?

Here are the english versions, for the translation of all books just check the downloads in your language:

Hotfix for AC:…/index.php?download/6455/
Hotfix for the rulebook:…/index.php?download/6457/
Hotfix for ID:…/index.php?download/6453/
Hotfix forOK:…/index.php?download/6453/
Hotfix for OnG:…/index.php?download/6452/
Hotfix for…/index.php?download/6461/

Release of HE:…/index.php?download/6459/
Release of SA:…/index.php?download/6458/
Release of UD:…/index.php?download/6456/
Release of VS:…/index.php?download/6460/
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