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Von tiny,

pk-ng wrote:

Hi All,

I've seen some interest in a "league" for Universal Battle (UB) and have thought it would be a great idea to start one.

  • 2500 points each game
  • Use the deployment type
  • Use secondary objectives
  • Use the Victory Points Table on pg 83 of RB (please see before for easy reference) for scoring

Victory Points DifferenceBattle PointsBattle Points
Winning Secondary Objective+2-2

"Rankings" will be based on the best 5 games you have played against different opponents in the last 30 days. This will be calculated by getting an average of the Battle Points gained in the "Best 5 Games" and victory points will be used as secondary indicator in the event of a tie.

How to Sign Up?
Just leave a reply/post here :). More importantly please leave the following information:
  • UB Username
  • Location (Los Angeles / Rome / Sydney etc)
  • General availability (Date and/or Local Time)
These information will assist in people looking for a game especially with the time differences!
iOS users: Can download Time Buddy to figure out the time differences and what is the best time
Android users: No idea I don't use Android.

How do I start gaming?
This is the easy part! Find a friend (make sure they sign up here and on UB) or anyone who has signed up here and start playing a game within the limitation set above anytime and anywhere!

How do I submit my results?
Scores can be submitted here. Rankings will be updated every Monday. Please ensure all fields are filled :)

Best Regards
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