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Von Pinktaco,

Hello hello and welcome to another weekly update from out Content Team
The last week of 2015 had a notable drop in content, but that's okay, time off was well deserved and besides - it's quality content so we'll manage
Remember that everybody can post their content on the user blog, even if it's only once every while. Remember to check out our newest updated user blogs in the buttom of this post.

Benjamin Nelson:
The 9th Age: 2500pt Battle Report #6 Orcs & Goblins vs Undying Dynasties

9th AGE BR#13 Saurian Ancients vs Orcs 3000 pts
Chihammer BR#14 Vampire Covenant vs Orcs and Goblins 2400 pts

Sylvan Elves vs. Orcs and Goblins - 2500pts Battle report


Sylvan Elves vs Ogre Khans 2400 points (v0.10.0)

455 Kingdom of Equitaine vs Sylvan Elves
9th Age Batrep 4 2500pts - Warriors vs O&G v10.something...
9th Age Batrep 5 - Warriors vs Highborn Elves 2500pts v11

User blogs:

39th Regiment Dragon Force

The Cavalry Princes - List Design, Tactics, Battle Reports and Background Stories
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