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Von Giladis,

Hello good people

There has been a lot of activity as of late regarding rules, points, synergies and combinations, and that is great. However, there's something even more important and something we all enjoy. Everyone enjoys looking at awesome models and exactly that is what makes this hobby so great. For this reason the Content Team want YOU to show off YOUR awesome and glorious models, to strut your stuff so to speak.

In an effort to encourage people to start up a User Blog (which have no requirements) and to see your awesome models, the Content Team is challenging all members to participate and show us your favourite model(s)
in the User Blog forum. The models can be awesome due to painting, conversions or just because they are your favourite models in the army. All models are welcome, so really let loose.

Rules of this competition:

There are two competitions
Show us your Awesome units and Awesome Single Model.
  • Every participant takes as many photos (this is your chance to shine and show off your models in all their glory) of a legal 9th Age unit or 9th Age single model (character, monster, warmachine etc).

  • Each participant is limited to 1 entry per race in each competition (if you have 2 armies you can put one submission from each army in each competition).

  • The competition will run for 2 weeks, which is the time for you to choose your awesome models, take pictures and post them up, then we will ask for the community to vote in a poll.
If your submission is chosen as the MOST AWESOME, not only do you get the fame and recognition, you
will have a title bestowed upon you that very few receive.

The winner of the Awesome Unit will receive the Hired Swords Sergeant title.
The winner of the Awesome Single Model will receive the Hired Swords Captain title.

This competition is about what makes the models great, why do you like it, what makes it stand out from your collection? So please show us as much as you can.

The competition runs from Saturday 26th March to Monday 11th April for post submissions.
Voting will run from Tuesday 12th April to Tuesday 19th April, with the announcement of the winners to follow shortly.
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