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Von tiny,

Dear Members,

We are pleased to inform you that Mindwork games has released a new miniature that is usable as, for example, a Daemon Prince for the T9A. As was previously announced, we are very happy that independent miniature companies have been working to create miniatures that are usable with T9A. We will continue to highlight new models as we become aware of them and they become available to the public. While T9A will not endorse any particular model made by independent manufacturers, we will continue to bring new items to your attention for the convenience of our members.

See details below.


Aeshm, Demon of Wrath

First 50 copies on pre order at more of 25% of discount
First wave at only 30 euro
Take now your copy!!!

The piece included square base 50x50 mm
Height to eyes about 5,5 cm

Sculpture : Antonio Marzi
Kit: Resin HD

Click here for link
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