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Von Mr.Owl,

We regret to inform T9A community that the Ocean Born Army Book has been discontinued. Great care and tons of hours were spent on this AB to bring a new and vibrant army to the fantasy wargaming scene. Unfortunately, due to legal reasons, T9A has been forced to remove this book from our website. While we are not at liberty to discuss the exact details of case, suffice it to say that T9A received a draft complaint, which was listed to be filed in the District Court of Atlantica. The complaint alleged a violation of Ariel’s expectation of privacy protection under the Fourth Amendment to the Atlantica Constitution. T9A believes this claim is without merit, seeing as Ariel is a public figure due to her appearing in "The Little Mermaid" and countless public appearances in various shows in the Orlando, FL area, and that clearly her “expectation of privacy” must be waived. However, the complaint cited a relatively obscure and never before used rule still apparently on the law books of Atlantica that exempts residents of Triton’s Palace from waiving this expectation. The legal authority of this archaic statue is dubious at best.

The complaint also included a cause of action for libel based on published defamatory statements relating to Ariel’s family as well as publically posting pictures of her family without her or their consent. While not specifically listed in the Complaint, her lawyers notified us that the rule relating to "got to go" was particularly insulting and she has vehemently denied ever “relieving herself” in the water in which she lives and does not in any way condone others “doing the deed” in any body of water.

T9A has decided that, as a nonprofit group with little to no funds and as Ariel is backed by a multinational corporation, we would not seek to oppose this frivolous complaint. We are very sorry to have to remove this AB from the public, but the little mermaid is a total b*tch.

T9A Legal Team
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