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Von Pinktaco,

What's up wargamers?

Hope you are doing well. Today we come to you with two messages: the presentation of the first Fantasy Battles: The 9th Age Poster and the announcement of the Official T9A T-Shirt & cap Design Contest.

Poster and call for distribution:
Today we proudly present the first Fantasy Battles: The 9th Age poster. We created it to increase our visibility in game stores, clubs and at events. With your help we logged around 250 game stores globally and we reached out to them. The stores will also be added to our map, so you can easily find the store closest to your home. We introduced the game to them, highlighted mutual interests, and announced that Fantasy Battles: The 9th Age players might approach them with the question to put up our poster. We are asking for your help again! For you who are willing to help to actually print the poster on A3 and put it up in a store, club, or event, please post in the thread here and mention which location you'll be covering.

The "Who designs the winning and thereby official T9A T-Shirt & cap?" contest:
There has been a lot of chatter about how official T9A swag might be. We love the idea of being able to buy a T-Shirt or cap with the logo on it. With the first official version of the rules and armybooks about to drop, now is the perfect time to make this happen. Since we have a massive creative community we've decided to open up the design of the official T9A gear to you guys.

We hereby launch the official "Who designs the winning and thereby official T9A T-Shirt & cap?" contest!

This is an open-entry contest to design the official T9A T-Shirt and cap. All entries will be voted on by the community!

There are a few rules;
  • It has to contain the T9A art and NOT art from any other company. It can be any of the art found on this link (e.g. you can use these pictures or draw your own based on these concepts)…EZVCXZ74kKAFN4iksyWa?dl=0
  • Any written text needs to be designed in an IP-free font.
  • The entries have to be sent to
  • The entries have to include a schematical drawing of the front and back of the T-Shirt and cap, in colour.
  • The drawings have to include the measurements of all elements and the position of the aforementioned elements, so it can be produced all over the world.
  • The T-Shirt and cap need to be the same colour, and only single coloured wear can be used to print on.
  • The entries need to contain advice on the materials used for the production.
  • By submitting an entry you agree that we can post your image as the official 2016 T-shirt and cap and that it can be recreated free of charge all over the world.
  • Any questions are to be asked the team leader of the social media team @Nathan Young
Use any online tool to create the wear, or use that $500 graphics software suite.The deadline for entries will be Tuesday the 3rd of May, 18:00 CET, and voting will on the 4th of May.

Eternal glory and a free t-shirt for the winner !

T9A Promo.

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