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Von Draecarion,

The Magic Cards are now also available in German:

Die Magiekarten sind nun auch auf Deutsch verfügbar:

Printable versions have also been prepared:

Iluvatar wrote:

Hello German friends!

After a long hiatus, and thanks to the work from the dedicated translation team, I have finally delivered the Magic cards in German again! They are now available in version 1.0.

You will find the main files containing all the cards in the Rules Tab (colored and greyscale versions), and a file dedicated to each army here.

Please give your feedback in the relevant thread if you have any.

If printing is not your thing, I have also set them up on The Game Crafter, where you can order them all nice and beautiful. Please refer to Professionally printed Magic cards for more details, and if you want to participate to the bulk order to Europe, please state you interest very fast - I'll be closing this order on July 23rd.

Special thanks to the German translation team for their hard work!

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