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Von Pinktaco,

There's a legend in the old Europe: if in your dreams you find an Orange Bricks Road, you have the chance to follow it and to reach a valley made of tabletop battlefields in which you'll have fun by following or fighting epic battles against people from all around the world. And drink beer.


Practically ETC is starting, and if you follow it through our Dutch Blonde Giant Beer Lover ( @blonde beer ) on the Orange Road, you'll taste a tabletop Valhalla-like experience, with epic battles, beer, wine, and last but not least, the beautiful greek landscape of Athens.

If you want to see more pics of the ETC (and also of Athens), then you can follow the following thread, in which ETC attendees can post their photos: The ETC PICDUMP for attendees!

  1. Follow the Orange Road and the twitter hashtags #T9A and #ETC2016. See you on the battlefield (or in the cafè!)
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