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Von Mr.Owl,

Dear Community,

As you are probably aware, there has been some restructuring going on with regard to the project and with the functioning and operation of our various teams. In particular, the teams relating to Production (PRO) of our various books have been almost completely reorganized and we are in the process of reviewing members for various positions. Some reorganization to teams coming under The Hobby Hub (THH) are also in the works; THH is the next step of the project, designed to address all the needs of hobbyists beyond just providing the game itself. We provide you with this information so you can understand the structure and processes for our project going forward.

It was also deemed important for you to understand the reasons behind some of the changes that have been made in this reorganization. As was previously mentioned, at the beginning of the project, we were under a tight time frame to put out a product that was balanced and sought to make all units in every army playable. While general external balance was achieved (with data feedback we are seeing where external balance issues are pending), internal balance was not always achieved for each army nor do all the units and/or items function in a manner that is desired. Likewise, the desire to have rules for each army that are true to the feel of the army was not always achieved. To this end, we will rework all the army books in conjunction with the background material for each army book. The goal is to reach the point where the rules reflect the “flavor” and “feel” of the individual army while at the same time adjusting units that do not function as intended and improving internal and external balance. The rules writing process is now going to be “background driven.” This means that the individuals that will review, edit and generate new rules for each army book will be using the background material for that army as a main driving force for creativity. Likewise, it is believed that it is advantageous to gather information from the community relating to the various army factions to ensure we understand what the community expects and wants. The new structure is designed to allow all this to happen.

Hot Fixes

Before this upcoming fall (late August / early September), there will be some small balance adjustments to all of the army books to provide some hot fixes to issues identified by our data feedback. These changes will be very limited and are not contemplated to include major design changes, which will be addressed as described above in the new process.

Version 2.0 - Basic Rule Book (a.k.a BRB, FBRB when background is incorporated)

There is going to be a major update to the BRB and Paths of Magic Book (PMB), to be released sometime in November of this year. Along with this release, all army books will be updated, to make them compatible with the changes in the rulebook. During this update we will also correct balance issues that requires deeper changes than what the hot-fixes in September allowed for.

We will give this version of the game a few months’ of public playtesting and proof reading to make sure all rules are clear and function as intended. At some point in early spring of 2017, a finalized Version 2.0 of the rulebook will be released, and we do not anticipate that the BRB will be changed after this release for some years, until at least all army books have been revised.

Full Army Books (FAB)

So, there will be a succession of phases (each phase lasting about 4 months) in which a FAB will be generated. When a FAB is created, all the current rules will be under review and it is anticipated that many new rules will be formulated to ensure the army book rules are true to its background. The processes will be described in forthcoming announcements.

Slim Army Books (SAB)

Additionally, during that succession of phases, a number SABs (from 0 to 4) will be reviewed and edited. The changes to the SABs may include any number of changes large and/or small, and including design changes depending on the needs of the particular AB.

More information on the finalized structure, function and operation of the new project structure will be announced soon.

Thank you for your wonderful support of our project,
The Ninth Age Team
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