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Von Calisson,

Yesterday, we have seen what T9A intended to do in order to better serve you, the community, with the creation of The Hobby Hub (TM).
Today, I am going to explain how we want to achieve this.
The present post comes in complement to New Process for Army Design and Balancing!, which was providing the very same explanation for the "Production" of the game.

Basically, most of THH’s daily work is front-office contact with Hobbyists or professionals.
Each of the teams described hereafter would employ any number of individuals. The more, the merrier! - as long as it stays manageable.

Teams are grouped in five categories:
- Production-related: they make the interface between the game T9A, and the community (they have been described along with "Production").
- Hobby Development: they develop all aspects of the hobby, and give a particular care to specific needs (beginners, non-English speakers...).
- Social media: they produce dreams and send them over through all kind of social media.
- Tournament: they facilitate every tournament linked with T9A; reversely, they collect tournament data and analyse it.
- Liaison with pros: they engage every Hobby-related professionals in order to make the community's life easier.

In the first spoiler, you will see a full view of The Hobby Hub teams.
In the next spoilers, there is a more detailed description of each team.

Let's describe each of the teams.
"Production-related teams"
RULES TEAM SUPPORT - RTS (initially described along with production).
Assist the Rules Team in the tasks of interacting with the community in a comprehensive and speedy manner. Tasks would include answering rules related questions, gathering material for creating FaQ-s and Errata.
Additionally, they would monitor their own open forum, and supervise the Suggestion forum; furthermore, they would keep an eye in the Homebrew forum in order to detect some ideas worth giving some consideration for potential incorporation in T9A official game.

Supports the 9th Age project by updating Armybuilder/Battlescribe files and our developing software.

Supports the 9th Age project by working on the website internal Wiki. They maintain the Rules Lexicon, for which they liaise with RTS.
They are also in charge of the Background lexicon; for this tasks they liaise with BGS (Background) and ACS (Army).
Finally, they maintain the miniature wiki, with the help of PST (Miniatures).

ARMY COMMUNITY SUPPORT - ACS (initially described along with production).
Assigned to help communities of fans of individual factions by answering rules questions related to the army in question as well as providing answers to background questions once these backgrounds get developed and published. In many ways they are to be the ambassadors of the project among the army communities, including with interactions in their faction’s main dedicated website.
A second job the ACS perform is to listen to their respective communities about their wishes and suggestions and pass them on to the Army Design Team prior to the ADT working on their given army. While ACS do gather information from the community relating to rules topics, and interact with the CDS relating to the information gathered and passed on, the ACS do not actively participate with the ADT in generating and writing the rules.
ACS is to foster a friendly and productive environment within sub-forums dedicated to the army they support, however, ACS do not act as moderators in their respective forums. All armies should have at least one ACS.

MODERATING TEAM - MT initially described along with production.
The individuals tasked with keeping the forum nice and civil under the published rules of conduct.
The team will include a Team Leader and 8 Moderators, which will be in charge of the entire English language forum.
Other languages will either maintain their separate moderating teams, or ask for help with translated argumentation.
"Hobby-development teams"
They are the soul of the forum, which they animate with carrots, not sticks.
Among them are several categories, which could be developed as separate groups if necessity was felt:
Beginners, Tactics, Painting & Modeling, Story/Art, Role-Playing Games.
Ideally a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 4 animators should represent each of the 5 categories.

# Beginners: Help beginners to start the Hobby. They moderate a dedicated forum for that purpose, which is accessible in a single click from the home page. They give advice for best use of the Beginners rules when they will be released; and advice about how to start a collection of models, etc…
# Tactics: They encourage Battle Logs, animate tactical discussions, organize tactical challenges etc…
# Painting & Modeling: They encourage Painting Logs, create tutorials, organize P&M challenges (with prizes sponsored by our support companies)…
# Story/Art: They encourage fan stories, comics… and organize story challenges (in all languages).
# Role-Playing Games: They encourage the development of a fan-made table RPG until T9A develops its own; they animate an online RPG.

TRANSLATION TEAM < insert language> - TT-xxSupport the 9th Age project by translating the publications into other languages.
They also do the translation for some Public Relations tasks and for some of the news.

UNITED NATIONS <insert language> - UN-xx (new groups)
They animate the non-English part of the forums. In many ways they are to be the ambassadors of the project among their linguistic community, including with interactions in the main Hobby website in their language.
Assigned to help their linguistic community by acting as translators for all kind of questions: rules, background…
They organize their forum, adding sub-forums as fit, and animate it.
They listen to their respective communities about their particular linguistic needs; they stay alert to detect exceptional suggestions (rules, stories…) and summarize them on to the adequate team.
Their job description necessitates fostering a friendly and productive environment within sub-forums dedicated to the community they support. However, they avoid acting as moderators in their respective forums – they would better report to an actual moderator for the “sticky” chore.
"Social Media related teams"
Supports the 9th Age project by publishing content on the website internal Blog. Members are encouraged to be part of the HAT.

The focus of this team is making the 9th Age project known beyond the existing community but also to interact with the community at large.
A second task of that team is to plan and execute specific Public Relations campaigns, related to a specific T9A event.
"Tournament-related teams"
The Tournament Support is responsible to keep contact with tournament organizers running 9th Age tournament and coordinated support for and by the 9th Age project.

The team in T9A which organizes the annual tournament.
Note: when time will come to organize a worldwide campaign online, using Universal Battle, a new team would be considered for that purpose.

Helps the 9th Age project with number crunching.
In addition, in charge of developing an Elo system for T9A, and promoting it with tourney orgas.
"Liaison with Professionals teams"
The Product Search Team looks out for miniatures, but also for all kind of commercial product fitting to the 9th Age.

In charge of the World Map. Search for LGS willing to support T9A, plot them on the map, and animate a forum dedicated to these LGS, where they may post (one forum for each language, as soon as there is some demand). Provide LGS with supporting material (posters) and inform them of miniature companies initiatives relevant for them.

That was it!

I am sure that everyone will love what THH will bring to the Hobby!
Now, someone has to do it... Where position will not be filled, the considered service will wait.
I am confident that many of you would be highly interested to participating to this grandiose new development of your Hobby!

Recruitment: If you wish to apply for one of these jobs, please send an application to HR team. It is open now!
Note: even if you already applied for a job in production, it does not matter: applying for more jobs gives more flexibility to HR; and you may very well wish to do several jobs, as many of us already do.
Note: no need to re-apply to jobs already mentioned with the Production.

Just be aware: it is no-pay-no-fame, and... very, very addicting... Now that you've been warned, Welcome!!! :)
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