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Von ForsetisMuse,

"Hmm, difficult. VERY difficult. Plenty of courage, I see. Not a bad mind, either. There's talent, oh yes. And a thirst to prove yourself. But where to put you?"

We have finally reached a point where the PRO teams have been determined! It was a long, grueling process in which many, many qualified applicants were reviewed. Unfortunately, we simply did not have room on every team for which an application was submitted (I’m looking at you ADT). So we want to send you a very big THANK YOU to all the applicants that submitted applications and have expressed interest in and a willingness to help our wonderful project!

For those of you that were not selected, as we indicated, our project is very fluid and our needs will change from phase to phase; so please just be patient, because your number may be called next! As you can see from the list below, we still need help filling the ACS positions. Please send us your applications for any of the open positions if you would like to help the project on the ACS.

For those of you that were selected, congratulations! However, get ready to work because there is a lot to do!

With the design teams now in place (for now), we should be ready to move forward with the project to take our game to new heights! Without further ado, we give you the new PRO teams (imagine the sounds of cheering and clapping here).

Army Design Team (ADT)
@nightwun (HR Support / ADT Leader)

Conceptual Design Support (CDS)
@nightwun (HR Support / CDS Leader)
@el rey
@Portador de Tormento
@There Is No Spoon

Balancing Team (BLT)
@gundizalbo Coordinator

Army Community Support (ACS)
@Deino (BH)
Open – (DL)
@KiRaHyuU (DE)
@Vitnar - (DH)
@greentide (EoS)
Open – (HE)
Open – (ID)
@tulmir (KoE)
@rakkzul (OK)
@OminousOtter (O&G)
@GrayGork (O&G)
Open – (SA)
@Juri (SE)
Open – (VS)
Open – (UD)
Open – (VC)
@tunasandwichify (WDG)

Rule Review Team (RRT)

Rules Team Support (RTS)

The following teams are not teams that you can directly apply to for membership. Rather, member for these teams are selected from the above-listed PRO teams. However, we provide them here for your reference so you know who everyone is and what they do!

Rules Team (RT)
@el rey

Rules Team Advisor (RTA)

Thank you all for supporting T9A!

All the best
Your HR department
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